The credentials of finance and accounting

In the current competitive market hiring individuals for small and medium sized businesses becomes a hassle, especially for fields like Finance and Accounting. Rigorous courses like finance, accounting, statistics always attract the top-notch companies who recruit them right from business schools in huge numbers. Candidates who do not get into those companies or who might not want to work for those top-notch companies often are left looking around or in a job they are certainly not most content with.

Situations like this is where we come in. We cater to businesses by providing financial consultation and contingency services. We make sure that both parties can help each other. Financial services are generally not limited to the field of deposit-taking, loan and investment services, but is also present in the fields of insurance, estate, trust and agency services, securities, and all forms of financial or market intermediation including the distribution of financial products.

It is our paramount goal to study the candidates’ abilities, their portfolios and with thorough research of the client’s needs, place them right where they belong. The candidates are checked for their competency and are also considered whether they are culturally fit for the organisation or not. If they pass through these checks, they are introduced to the client’s business culture and work profile. After this, only if the candidates are willing, they are placed immediately with effect. We at DestinationOne F&A believe in complete transparency in order to help our clients as well as our applicants, find a common ground for their respective financial solutions.