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Contingency Recruitment, Retained Search and Business Consulting services.

We will work for you

At destinationone Finance & Accounting, we offer a high level of expertise that far exceeds your normal human resources departments. The process of hiring recruiters, employment specialists and staff within your company can be, on its own, a lengthy process.

Our Recruitment Consultants possess a high level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices by virtue of continuous placement of employees within a multitude of different organizations.

What’s unique about destinationone Finance & Accounting, is our business model. We separate ourselves from the traditional recruitment firms because we provide a systematic approach to the way we fulfill our clients’ needs. Our Recruitment Consultants focus their efforts on creating a win-win solution in an efficient and effective turnaround time.

We take steps with each one of our clients, we are proactive, we learn to understand your brand. Our commitment is defined to provide your company with a high level of success.

How we save you cost

Using our services will result in lower overall costs associated with hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. It’s simple because we manage the entire lifecycle of the hiring process, we relieve employers from costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations and more.

Our network

With tenured staff and well over thirty years of combined experience in the staffing industry, destinationone Finance & Accounting can provide you with a targeted and focused search for Accounting and Finance professionals.


We strongly understand that establishing a skills- and competency- match without creating a cultural fit results in low retention rates.

In regards to recruiting candidates with matching values and cultural fit, we utilize our unique operational strategy.  This includes being a candidate-driven as well as a client-driven Recruitment Firm. First strategy always supports the latter. To be able to execute our operational strategy, we place a significant importance in understanding the needs and expectations of our candidates and clients.

To create a cultural fit, our account managers and recruiters spend time, effort and resources to fully understand our clients’ organizational culture. At our interview stage, we make a fair assessment on candidates’ cultural fit to our client, based on candidates’ answers to our open-ended interview questions, which are specially designed to establish understanding on candidate values and culture. We do not communicate any information regarding client’s organizational culture at this level and focus solely on understanding the candidates’ goals, expectations, and preferences without leading. We completely suspend judgment at this stage.

Once we establish a cultural as well as competency fit to the current job requirements, then we provide a detailed explanation on our clients’ organizational culture, giving the candidate a fair opportunity to assess if they see themselves successfully working in that environment for long-term.

We have perfected this process so much so that our Placement fall-off ratio has been approaching less than half-a-percent annually in the recent years.